Guest Players

Guest Players


Guest Player Guidelines – Fastpitch
How to Add or Remove Guest Player
How to De-activate or Re-activate Guest Player
How to View Guest Player on Roster

Guest UP, Not DOWN

This is advice for Parents/Guardians of players. If you ever want your athlete to be a Guest Player for a B team playing in a same-age B Event, I suggest they not be a PERMANENTLY rostered player on an OLDER division team or an A team in the same age division. The online Guest Player system will not allow this to happen. Players can “Guest Up” but cannot “Guest Down,” even if the player is age eligible.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Older or A teams dropping players for the sole purpose of them being added to B rosters in B events may be subject to not re-rostering those players for a period of at least three (3) weekends (subject to change). Reminder, the Oregon State Director has the final approval of these roster moves.


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