Criteria to Determine Seeding

Criteria to Determine Seeding


Oregon USSSA Fastpitch uses the USSSA National criteria to determine seeding:

Pool Standings Sorted on the following:

1) Winning Percentage – Descending
2) Number Wins – Descending
3) Number Loses – Ascending
4) Tied Teams (vs. each other) Winning Pct – Descending [Not valid if all tied teams have not played each other]
5) Avg Points Allowed – Ascending
6) Avg Run Differential with a maximum of (8) – Descending
7) USSSA Points – Descending
8) Date Team Entered USSSA Database

Once past a tie breaker do not return to previous

NOTE: 2 Ties do NOT equal 1 Win, but figure into Winning percentage

*Exception at some State and National events: If 2 teams are undefeated, and a team with no losses (ex. 3-0) plays the “extra” game against the other team with no losses (ex. 2-0), and the team playing the “extra” game loses to that undefeated team, and that game is randomly chosen to be tossed, head-to-head is still in affect. The undefeated team will seed ahead of the team that played the extra game since they beat the other team.

Any time a team plays an “extra” seeding game to even out the schedule, the last game will be tossed out once ALL their seeding games are played. The tossed game counts for the other team only.



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